Liberty Never Sleeps 07/26/18 Show

Liberty Never Sleeps 07/26/18 Show

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Freedom of speech regards to social media platforms is the discussion today as we wrap up this week. We get also get into First Amendment issues with the media.

*Soccer Ball Bugging
*Facebook, Twitter and Shadowbanning
*Tariff and Subsidy Costs
*Rosenstein Slow Walking
*WH Press Pool

Today’s Bumpers:

I Think I Like You- Sammy Davis Jr.
Night and Day- Frank Sinatra
On and On- Stephan Bishop
History Will Teach Us Nothing- Sting

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  1. 00:00
    Soccer Ball Bugging
  2. 12:11
    Facebook, Twitter and Shadowbanning
  3. 31:25
    Tariff and Subsidy Costs
  4. 45:18
    Rosenstein Slow Walking
  5. 54:11
    WH Press Pool

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